Man Booker Prize

Awarded annually for best original novel written in English and published in the U.K.

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Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
After Sappho Book - 20230124 Liveright Publishing Corporation
A Novel
Book - 2022 G. P. Putnam's Sons FOWLER, K
Case Study Book - 2022 Biblioasis BURNET, G
Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies Book - 2022 Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc MORTIMER, M
Nightcrawling Book - 2022 Alfred A. Knopf MOTTLEY, L
The Colony Book - 2022 Farrar, Straus and Giroux MAGEE, A
Trust Book - 2022 Riverhead Books DIAZ, H
An Island
A Novel
Book - 2022 Hogarth JENNINGS, K
A Town Called Solace eBook - 2021
China Room Book - 2021 Viking SAHOTA, S
Klara and the Sun Book - 2021 Alfred A. Knopf ISHIGURO, K
Light Perpetual
A Novel
Book - 2021 Scribner SPUFFORD, F
Second Place Book - 2021 Farrar, Straus and Giroux CUSK, R
The Sweetness of Water Book - 2021 Little, Brown and Company HARRIS, N
A Novel
Book - 2020 Random House MCCANN, C
How Much of These Hills Is Gold Book - 2020 Riverhead Books ZHANG, C
Love and Other Thought Experiments Book - 2021 Vintage Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC WARD, S
Redhead by the Side of the Road Book - 2020 Alfred A. Knopf TYLER, A
Such A Fun Age
A Novel
Book - 2019 G.P. Putnam's Sons REID, K
The Mirror & the Light Book - 2020 Henry Holt and Company MANTEL, H
Who They Was Book - 2021 Bloomsbury Publishing KRAUZE, G
A Love Story
Book - 2019 Grove Press WINTERSON, J
A Novel
Book - 2019 Graywolf Press PORTER, M
Lost Children Archive Book - 2019 Alfred A. Knopf LUISELLI, V
My Sister, the Serial Killer
A Novel
Book - 2018 Doubleday BRAITHWAITE, O
Night Boat to Tangier
A Novel
Book - 2019 Doubleday BARRY, K
The Man Who Saw Everything Book - 2019 Bloomsbury Publishing LEVY, D
The Wall
A Novel
Book - 2019 W. W. Norton & Company LANCHESTER, J
From A Low and Quiet Sea Book - 2018 Penguin Books RYAN, D
In Our Mad And Furious City Book
Normal People
A Novel
Book - 2018 Hogarth ROONEY, S
Sabrina Book - 2018 Published in the USA by Drawn & Quarterly, a client publisher of Farrar, Straus and Giroux , Published in Canada by Drawn & Quarterly, a client publisher of Raincoast Books AGN DRNASO, N
Snap Book - 2018 Atlantic Monthly Press BAUER, B
The Water Cure
A Novel
Book - 2018 Doubleday MACKINTOSH, S
A Novel
Book - 2018 Alfred A. Knopf ONDAATJE, M
Days Without End
A Novel
Book - 2016 Viking BARRY, S
Home Fire Book - 2017 Riverhead Books SHAMSIE, K
Reservoir 13
A Novel
eBook - 2017
Solar Bones eBook - 2017
Swing Time Book - 2016 Penguin Press SMITH, Z
The Ministry of Utmost Happiness
A Novel
Book - 2017 Alfred A. Knopf ROY, A
The Underground Railroad
A Novel
Book - 2016 Doubleday WHITEHEAD, C
Hystopia Book
My Name Is Lucy Barton
A Novel
Book - 2016 Random House STROUT, E
Serious Sweet Book
The Many Book
The North Water
A Novel
Book - 2016 Henry Holt and Company MCGUIRE, I
The Schooldays of Jesus Book - 2017? Viking COETZEE, J
Work Like Any Other Book
Did You Ever Have A Family Book - 2015 Scout Press CLEGG, B
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