My Sunshine Away

My Sunshine Away

Large Print - 2015
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Apr 09, 2018

Story about growing up in Baton Rouge LA. the main character has a crush on a his neighbor, but does something that perhaps sets her future on a downward course. He experiences obsession, guilt, and tries to help her, but cannot.
Well written and an interesting story.

Jun 03, 2017

M.O. Walsh writes concisely, but still with eloquence and imagery in My Sunshine Away. This mystery stems from a seemingly safe and generous neighborhood with kind people - but there are unknown things going on behind everyone's walls and fences. The main character is well-developed from an obsessive young boy to an unruly teenager; all his young life he worries over a girl, Lindy, who, as a teenager, was attacked in the neighborhood he and Lindy lived in. After, this, no lives were the same again.

Sep 16, 2016

This coming of age novel is simply told and well written. It focuses around a young boy's infatuation and obsession with a girl in his neighbourhood. The tragic rape of this young girl and the mystery that surrounds it supplies an undertone of tension. This was a fast engaging read and I would be happy to read anything else this author publishes.

JCLHelenH Aug 03, 2016

Close your eyes for a moment and remember the gang. You know, the one from your old neighborhood. Those kids you ran wild with when it was OK to be kids outdoors. Now imagine an act of violence by an unidentified assailant against one of those friends, and you’ve got M.O. Walsh’s My Sunshine Away.

Jun 05, 2016

A rich, deeply complex novel that is also beautifully written. A picture of a young man's coming to understand himself and the world. Absolutely worth reading.

May 20, 2016

The finest book I've read in a long time. It's been about a year since I read it, and it still haunts me. Walsh is such a fine writer; I was torn between admiration of his craft and jealousy that I may never be this good no matter how hard I try. Powerful and stunning.

Apr 16, 2016

loved this book! I couldn't put it down.

Apr 06, 2016

Yes, about the very personal aftermaths of a rape in a close-knit neighborhood, but also about the secret lives of boys and the realization of how little we know about our neighbors.

Dec 01, 2015

A tedious read. A narrator who does not grow. I skipped to the end after the first several chapters in the hopes I would learn something interesting or shocking that would encourage me to continue reading only to find the narrator twice as old and entirely unchanged.

Nov 02, 2015

This book pulled me back after setting it down and saying I would go no further. It is amazingly well written, compelling, ominous, and true to it's era. I found Walsh's take on a home-town tragedy disturbing in a way that I could not ignore. The human tendency to stare in passing at another person's misfortune was the sum total of the author's brilliance. The crime, the discomfort of adolescence, and the cringing moments of lives lived in deep south suburbia. You might disdain loving this book, but read it anyway.

aemerced Jul 03, 2015

The ending was the best part. I had a hard time in the beginning, but I got into it about half-way through.

Jun 01, 2015

This book was fast-paced and the descriptions of the Louisiana setting were vivid and detailed. Recommended for fans of page-turning, coming-of-age novels set against a rich setting.

multcolib_karene Apr 12, 2015

A beautifully written suspense-filled, coming-of-age story that perfectly captures Baton Rouge of the 1980's.

Mar 26, 2015

My mind didn't wander once from the start to finish of this one and I become quite invested in the characters. Well worth reading.

MedinaReads Mar 25, 2015

"Set in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in the summer of 1989 and present day, this is a delicately suspenseful coming-of-age novel which will appeal to readers who enjoy family drama, unsolved crime, and a compulsively readable style.

Lindy Simpson was the golden girl of the neighborhood--pretty, friendly, and an upcoming track star. But when she is raped on the sidewalk near her home, lives are irrevocably changed. Lindy is unable to identify her attacker because she was hit in the head during the attack, and the police investigation goes cold very quickly. As Lindy and our narrator mature into high school students, he remains tortured by the unsolved crime against his friend and his guilt over loving her so imperfectly, while Lindy's personality changes completely. The heartbreaking difficulties of other families in their quiet, suburban neighborhood come to light only through the lens of Lindy's rape.

Written from the perspective of a man finally coming to terms with the events of his youth, this is a fast read that you will want to slow down and savor, despite desperately wanting to know how it ends." Recommended by Mary Olson, RA Librarian, MCDL

d2013 Mar 08, 2015

M.O. Walsh debut novel deserve great praise. It is well written and draws you in from the beginning. Smartly done!

JCLGreggW Dec 15, 2014

This astounding debut novel from M.O. Walsh is a coming-of-age story set in a sleepy, simmering Baton Rouge Louisiana in 1989 that combines love, loss, family, and teenaged obsession, but above all, the power of memory. Lyrical and powerful, the story of a young teen with a fascination with a neighbor girl changes abruptly when she is assaulted one night, leading to the uncovering of family secrets, revelations within the community, and the realization that an idyllic All-American childhood was not all that it seemed. Easily one of the best novels I've read in a long time, and here's hoping that plenty of readers - and book clubs! - discover it in 2015.

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