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Aug 06, 2019

As someone who was fully invested in this series from book one, this final book was a big glop of unanswered questions. I actually had to stop and put the book down during the last 20% and thought "Whaaaat?" at some of Sanderson's final decisions. Knighthawk was the quirky character we all deserved in the end though. Also, David keeps at it with those attempted metaphors, folks, so beware. I did appreciate how the book unraveled more information on the Prof/Tia history.

May 06, 2019

Calamity is the third and final book in the Reckoners series, written by Brandon Sanderson. I would recommend that others read this series. It is appropriate for older audiences; I would say 13 or older. This book does have some flirting and kissing, but no sex-related topics (other than the mention of a strip dance in the first book). As with other Brandon Sanderson books, profanity is kept to a minimum, with most characters using made-up swear words like “sparks” and “calamity.” These books are violent, however, with Epics (super villains) often killing innocent people.
The Reckoners series immediately grabbed my attention with the first book Steelheart. The characters had their own unique personalities, which I think every book should have. The main character, 18-year-old David Charleston, is a smart nerd who has committed his life to learning all about Epics in order to one day avenge his father who was tragically murdered by the Epic known as Steelheart.
As you read the books you will see how much the characters evolve throughout the series. The crazy plot twists help change the characters thoughts, feelings, and actions. After David successfully avenged his father, readers are left wondering what David do will next, now that he has succeeded in killing Steelheart.

This leads us into Firefight, the second book in the Reckoners series. This book was pretty good overall. It was all about moving the story along, while also providing some interesting plot twists. In a revealing twist near the end of the book, certain friends become villains, and certain villains become friends. The second book was good, but felt like a huge build up and set up for the final book.
Finally we come to Calamity, the last and final book of the trilogy. I liked the last book, however there wasn’t a lot of action until the very end. Action-oriented readers may find most of the book boring and ready for the finale. I like how in the end Prof, Megan, and David worked together to defeat Calamity. I do think that the supporting characters Mizzy, Cody, and Abraham should have had more parts in the series. After a great introduction to these characters in the first and second books, Sanderson seems to leave them as “filler” for the spotlight to be cast on the main characters, David, Meg, and Prof.
There were many questions that were left unanswered, and the ending felt rushed. But despite these things, it was a good book and an enjoyable series.
Overall I liked the way the Reckoners ended. David gets to catch up on all the things he missed from growing up without his dad. This allows the readers to ponder what new adventures David gets to have even after the books have ended.

Oct 16, 2017

Wow. I mean, just, this book was the worst. I loved Steelheart, which I still call my favorite book. Firefight was okay, as it felt a bit rushed, but had a solid plot and characters. I was very excited for calamity. Getting Cody and Abraham back made me excited. This was, by far, the biggest letdown ever. The characters had no resemblance to book 1, the plot was rushed, and for the majority of the book, I was thinking this was the most boring book ever, even during the climax. Everything about this book,execpt for Knighthawk (who kept my rating from being a half-star) was completely horrible. This book was a complete disaster, and a terrible disappointment.

Aug 16, 2017

Loved it. David is an Epic.

Oct 12, 2016

Loved the series, just plain and simple

Aug 20, 2016

I was sucked into this series immediately with Steelheart. I loved the idea of super-heroes that weren't heroes, and were actually the bad guys. I loved the intensity of the plot and the planning that went into taking down Steelheart. Firefight kept the ball rolling for me, but lost some of the specialness of this series. Regalia was boring and, though I liked Babilar, the plot there didn't keep me engaged.

This book just absolutely abandoned everything that I had loved about the Reckoners. This was set up so beautifully with the reveal at the end of Firefight that Calamity was another epic. This should have been an incredible showdown, but it wasn't. The whole thing focused on saving Prof and got hopelessly bogged down in the mechanics of Megan's powers. Half the book was David wondering how her powers worked! That whole aspect of the plot could have, and should, have been limited to a side note. Rather, it become the whole shebang.

Prof was utterly boring as a supposedly super High Epic. He was predictable and barely intriguing at all. Everything he did was easy to spot coming and, as a result, there was no tension in this book. Steelheart had you on the edge of your seat the whole time but this book barely got me to sit up.

An Calamity. Jesus what a wasted opportunity. He basically just lays down an disappears after witnessing the majesty of the love between parent and child. Really? 10+ years of utter hatred for humanity and suddenly he gets it? He never noticed the love between parent and child in all the years he spent fiddling with humanity?

And the ending. Utterly uninspired and a total let down. The only reason this gets two stars instead of one is Knighthawk. His character, and the banter between him and others, was fun at least.

Really disappointed here. This was a massive letdown after all the build up of the first two in the series. The whole idea of this, those who should be heroes being the evil villians, was totally lost along the way. The plot got muddied with alternate dimensions and Megan's powers. There was no suspense, no intensity, nothing in this that resembled Steelheart at all.

Jul 22, 2016

Confusing plot, a desperate-feeling design, and an anti-climatic ending. Highly disappointing. I really enjoyed Steelheart and Firefight, and I was looking forward to this, but I was sadly let down.

Jun 26, 2016

This book amazing and filled with action packed drama!

Apr 30, 2016

Better than book 2. Fast pace. Too rush of a finish. David is annoying. Megan's power is quite unique and original.

Rbrightone Apr 10, 2016

As others have said this is a really great series and the ending seemed a bit rushed but was very satisfactory. I see that some are saying this is the end of the series, but I think that if Sanderson wants to do something more in this world, or the next, that we could see another book series. Maybe not the Reckoners, but perhaps another series with different characters in the same world. If you have not read The Reckoners series I would highly recommend it.

Mar 22, 2016

An okay finish to the series. The development of the characters remained strong right to the end and the ending was a surprise. But their are some pretty big holes:
1)The way he used Meagan's powers as a fix everything solution e.g. when they were trapped without an escape - hey Meagan can use her powers in this way OR in a big fight with no hope of winning - oh wait Meagan can also use her powers this way... You can only get away with this when you intentionally don't really define an ability and put any limits on it - which is what he did with Meagan.
2) calamity...ok, so he is basically god or a god at least. He has given each EPIC their power and THUS SHOULD BE COMPLETELY AWARE OF MEAGAN's POWERS AND THUS THE ALTERNATE REALITIES THEY PROVIDE ACCESS TO! ...but no...instead he somehow gets dragged into an alternate reality (really how can you drag an all powerful god?) and WOW, he is surprised...really? ...the end.
3) Unfortunately, what I found really was missing was what I loved in the first two books (ignoring book 1.5 mitosis) - this is basically a series about a TEAM taking on unbeatable odds through careful planning to enact punishment/vengeance against an overwhelming opponent. This book has none of this. He even basically admits it through David saying that he is just winging the whole thing.
I didn't mind the book originally but after some time I grow more and more dissatisfied with it.

Mar 18, 2016

First off, I pre ordered this book. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!! If I have one thing to say about this series, its I'm sad its over. I have some ideas for a new series, but before you read this, I suggest reading the first 2. if you already have, you will LOVE this book.

Mar 15, 2016

First off--Just hit 15 followers!!! Thank you guys for following me and reading my reviews (if you can call them that).

Final book of the Reckoners series...Nothing special, this is just teen fiction and quite honestly, I'm terrible disappointed in Sanderson. He has 10 Stormlight novels to write. Each one is over 1000 pages long. He has finished 2 of them and is writing number 3. He should be focusing nonstop on his big series, they have so much potential. Unfortunatly, I think we have another George R.R. Martin here--Sanderson will most likely NEVER finish the Stormlight novels. Look at what happened to Robert Jordan, great fantasy novels, however, he had to stall and write the pointless novels (book 8,9,10). Because of this he died and didn't finish the novels. Thankfully Mr. Sanderson finished the books even though there was a obvious shift of writing style. The only two fantasy authors doing what they should are Patrick Rothfuss and Joe Abercrombie. I hear that Geroge Martin is working hard on Winds of Winter but come on! This is the guy that thought Dance With Dragons would be published in 2007...Obviously he was off by 4 years.

Mar 10, 2016

Amazing! Brandon Sanderson is one of the best authors in the fantasy and scifi genres. The book is the three book in the Reckoners series, and is one of my favorite books. However, it doesn't quite have the same flair of the first book, Steelheart. Nevertheless, this 'Epic' book is one of the best around! Five Stars!

Mar 02, 2016

Wow, this book was fantastic! Brandon Sanderson has done it again. I couldn't put the book down, each chapter ended on a cliff hanger that left me wanting to read more! I thought the ending was satisfying, also there was a big twist that I thought I expected it but then I was left in shock. Seriously a good read!

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