A Dog's Life

A Dog's Life

The Autobiography of A Stray

Book - 2005
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Nov 09, 2019

LOVEd this book!

Oct 11, 2019

I love this story. I still can't decide if I like squirrel or bones better. They sound like two completely different dogs.

Jul 08, 2019

While I am very much a dog lover, I cannot put to pen the same glowing reviews by other readers. I admit it does portray what a stray dog’s life could be like. It does have a happy ending for Squirrel or Addie, two of numerous names the dog was known as in this book. However, I cannot say this book touched me what-so-ever. Easy reading, a little slow, somewhat predictable, and a little disappointing as I was expecting more.

Anne M. Martin ‘A Dogs Life’ cannot compare with Betsy Byars ‘My Dog My Hero’ (2000), or any of Kate Klimo’s ‘Dog Diaries Series’ now over 12 different books or Nick Jans ‘A Wolf Called Romeo.’ Nick Jans book is a true story and is far more entertaining and educational.

Not highly recommended by Senior-Doctor-at-Bass-Fishing! D. A.

Apr 04, 2019

a very entertaining, cute but realisic dog story. loved it *IZ*

Dec 18, 2018

This book is great for dog lovers.❤️

checkered_roses Aug 25, 2017

I absolutely love this book. I read it in the 5th grade, and still like to pick it up every now and again to get that nostalgia back. It's a slice-of-life book about a dog who is just living her life, going from home-to-home, and understanding what being a dog is all about. Beautifully written and bittersweet--can't expect anything less of Ann M. Martin.

JCLBeckyC Aug 20, 2017

Dog lovers will love this book. All others might find it a bit tiring. Although it rewards the reader with a happy ending, there's lots of slogging through sad situations and garbage-y human mistreatment. Highly sensitive people might want to pass this one up. Those with a thicker hide will fall in love with Squirrel and root for her along life's journey.

WCLSFerndaleLibrary Jan 05, 2017

This book is about a dog who goes on many adventures and meets new friends and people. Review by Haylee Hoffman

Oct 26, 2015

Thanks for the tip, amalace.
I found the sequel -- Bone's story.
Everything for a Dog.

Oct 22, 2015

Beautiful story! Teaches great lessons!

Sep 14, 2013

A very very good book. A great read.

Jul 17, 2012

This is one of the best books EVER!! I read the second one too. I told my friend about it and it's now her favorite. I really recommend this to anyone who loves dog books or hasn't read it. It has sad things in it though. I'm reading it again and again, read it if you haven't!!

Jun 10, 2012

awesome book! Loved this and very touching.

angiem99 Dec 10, 2011

This is a really good book to all those who didn't read it yet. Like they all say, you'll never regret reading it. Even though there are a lot of dog books and stuff, I think this one was the best one ever. Ann M. Martin is a really good writer. So read it! It's sooooooooooooooooo good!
I wonder what happened to Bone though. Poor Bone. : (

CuteAngel123 Dec 07, 2011

Such a great book! Read it you will NEVER regret or say it wasted your time reading this book!

Mar 22, 2011

what she said below me.

Jun 03, 2009

this book is a bitter sweet story about a dog whos lost his way. its a great new look out on life and a beautiful story. please read youll thank yourself after.

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