Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

Season 5, Volume 2

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"'Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs' explores whether ancient leaders, usually attributed with divine powers, were actually connected to extraterrestrial forces. 'Alien Operations' examines advanced medical procedures practiced in the ancient world, as evidenced by wall carvings and skeletal remains. Did these skills come from an otherworldly source? Archaelogists ponder the healing power of ancient objects like sacred bones in 'Mysterious Relics' and luminous, skull shaped crystals in 'The Crystal Skulls.' Do these controversial artifacts hold the secrets to the universe? And were giant-winged deities known as Anunnaki reponsible for ancient Sumerian leaps in advancement?"--Container.
Characteristics: 2 videodiscs (352 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in
video file,DVD video
Additional Contributors: Clotworthy, Robert
Lions Gate Films
Call Number: DVD 001.942 ANC


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Nov 10, 2017

OK. My question here is this - In ancient times - When aliens "supposedly" visited Earth - Why-oh-why didn't these beings of superior intelligence have the foresight to teach man anything else except how to build temples, pyramids, and landing co-ordinates? Eh? Why?

...... Ho-hum!.... Anyway - Regardless of "Ancient Aliens" having A+ visuals - If you ask me - This TV series made the damning mistake of trying way too hard to tie everything "unexplainable" in with alien visitation. And, with that - The "so-called" experts here, literally, milked the whole notion of extraterrestrial involvement on Earth completely dry.

This business was so prevalent in this presentation that it was downright insulting. I mean, it actually got to the point where I was really surprised that the "experts" here didn't try to tie the whole 1929 Stock Market Crash in with aliens.

Yep. It's true. This total farce-of-a-TV-show really did stretch credibility that far (and beyond).

Nov 10, 2017

Some "authorities," like Sir Laurence Gardner the historian, in his books tells tall tales to the public, obviously regarding them as dummies. Among others he writes that "some Pharaohs had the anti-gravitation technology." Wow, they could fly? And he says that Manna was made of the golden calf, and Manna is a lightweight powder, very nutritious (well, gold is nutritious, if one buys food with it). Now, here the whole "Space Aliens" stuff is bogus. The UFOs do exist, but those are man-made, unmanned craft. Some mention is made of UFOs in M.W.Cooper's book "Behold A Pale Horse" available in VPL. Cooper is an honest, believable person, his UFO recounts are valid food for thought. I guess when he saw huge UFOs come down from the clouds and dive into the sea, that vision was projected into his and his companion's mind to fool them. The technology for it does exist. The UFOs were seen entering mountain-sides in Scotland and the Himalayas, and the most UFO sightings were so far above Belgium, where the NATO Headquarters are. An expert on ancient history said on talk radio that he was called from England and from Switzerland and asked to participate in the creation of a video on Space Aliens, and he was promised a big award. He refused. He had said this Alien stuff arose in the early 1800s when new translations of the Sumer clay tablets (cuneiform) were made with great liberties for new interpretations. The Anunnaki and Nefilim names of them were created then. Today the "Alien" stuff is used for fooling the public to believe that the UFOs are of Alien origin, and also the "Reptilian Shape Shifters" stuff is spread (by such authorities as David Icke, the schizophrenic) to make the public believe that our leaders are superior to us, because they are half-aliens (allegedly the Aliens 6,000 years ago implanted their genes into humans). All the Aliens stuff is bogus, but it has some purpose. I heard in 2008 a certain Steve Quayle tell on CFun 1410 AM radio that he talks to top bankers and military and so he is telling us that we'll see the UFOs coming. He did not say he knew it directly from those "Aliens." According to the Vedas of India there have been 7 earlier civilizations on earth; according to Irish and Welsh lore there were five earlier civilizations. Some queer artifacts may have been made by those humans. Human civilization is much older than what we are made to believe. The fact that the 12 stages of the Zodiac were known in Babylon 5,000 yrs ago proves this. Our Galaxy makes one turn in every 25,000 years, and this is the period of the Zodiac too. So, to discover that the 12 stages of the Zodiac repeat every 25,000 yrs, at least 55,000 yrs of observation was necessary, and the result of it was recorded. There are hidden parts (before the public) of human past history. Civilization did not begin in Sumer or in China 6,000 or 11,000 yrs ago, there were centers of knowledge much earlier. We are not told in school or the media all there is.

Jul 18, 2016

This is a 2-disc 352-minute "History Channel" documentary originally produced in 2012 and 2013.
This "Ancient Aliens" TV program contains 8 episodes: 1) The Power of Three, 2) The Anunnaki Connection, 3) The Crystal Skulls, 4) Magic of Gods, 5) The Satan Conspiracy, 6) Alien Operations, 7) Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs, and 8) Mysterious Relics.
All these episodes make you wonder if the knowledge and advancements of ancient civilizations have extraterrestrial origins.
Some episodes really make me think that the artifacts at hand have extraterrestrial origins, but others seem too ridiculous to think that way.
In any case, it is a thought-provoking gripping documentary with fascinating visual effects.


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