Climate Change

Climate Change

The Facts

Book - 2015
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Publisher: Woodsville, New Hampshire : Stockade Books, 2015
ISBN: 9780986398308
Characteristics: vi, 336 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Additional Contributors: Moran, Alan
Call Number: 551.6 CLI


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Jul 08, 2018

Reference LRS1969 Commentary - for clarity - the 2015 election results were as follows

Liberals 39.5%
Conservative 31.9%
NDP 19.7%
Bloc 4.7%
Other 3.5%

The percentages referenced reflected the number of seats won.


Oct 24, 2015

Climate has always changed. Warm times are good times for humanity. Ice ages and mini ice ages lead to starvation and misery. Al Gore and David Suzuki have made millions off of this latest scare. If they really believe that we need to cut our carbon footprint then why do they still live the highlife with their multiple properties and jet set lifestyle?

LRS1969 Oct 20, 2015

Filled with more pseudoscience BS than one could possibly imagine.

Take a few of the 2% of climatologists and meteorologists (and a few others who are neither) that do NOT believe in Climate Change (of which Global Warming is just one part of the whole picture) and have them write articles of a few pages and then put those articles into a completely biased book!

With articles that are loaded with Junk Science, research data taken out of context, exaggerations, and, in a number of cases outright lies (the one author, Mark Steyn, has an outright "liar, liar, pants on fire" type lie right on the back cover... the type lie ripped to shreds by EVERY fact-finder organization!).

Steyn, who is a Canadian ultra conservative who loves writing books about American political scene (and who must be weeping terribly now that Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party swept the ruling conservatives out of power in Canada... The Liberal Party took 54% of the vote and the other liberal party, the New Democratic Party of Canada took another 13%, for 67% of vote for liberals combined, while the former ruling Conservative Party took only 29% of the vote - the other 3% by the other two miscellaneous parties).

This book is one of those that should be on "The World's Most Shameful Books" list!

EuSei Sep 15, 2015

"It was quite obvious considering the length, clarity and simplicity of each brief essay the authors were all carefully directed by Alan to present their knowledge in a manner to ensure every reader would become a knowledgeable citizen when considering to this complex and often duplicitous debate." (Dr. Jay Leher, Geological Engineer, Ph.D. in Groundwater Hydrology, executive director of the National Association of Groundwater Scientists and Engineers) (GW Glorious Ship of Fools, by Mark Steyn: Should one understand that only books written by the ultra-liberal are good? Though!

Sep 15, 2015

Right-wing think tank propagandist author: see . . .
and . . .
“Science deniers try to change the facts about climate” . . . from: . . .
and . . .
corporate missionaries . . .
about the Tasman Institute (think tank), . . . from: . . . . .
and . . . . . .
and . . .
“The Intellectual Sorcery of Think Tanks”, . . . from . . .
and . . .
“Neoliberal Think Tanks and Free Market Environmentalism” . . . from . . .

mdsdad2cn1 Sep 15, 2015

OMG! Errr, what global warming, Rsc? Not even a “smidgen” of the NASA/NOAA/GISS predicted global warming over the last nearly 19 years, so how has CO2 caused ANY warming? So much for Rsc's delusional effects of a bogus (anti-founded) 2+ times CO2 driver of CAGW.
Now then, my suggestion, Rsc, is to those genuinely interested here in the actual state of “climate science” and “catastrophically adjusted global warming” (CAGW) today is to read this newly published and authoritatively objective book of twenty-four contributors: “Climate Change: the facts”, sharing their remarks based on either their directly career and/or passion related and driven efforts regarding CAGW – the facts.
Question: Why have all the predictions of the irrational CAGW alarmists been wrong and/or have not persisted – to date, and assuredly into the future?
Why does Rsc chose only 1850 to 1950(?)? How about chosing about 12Kyrs bp thru today which includes an historically severe spike in CO2 and global temps prior to any possible significant CO2 contribution from a barely existent number of humans about 12K-10Kyrs ago?
And, how about the fact that we are living in a period when CO2, which is essential for plant existence and growth (and therefore our own existence and growth) is at possibly the lowest levels in earth history causing the greatest stress, and labored growth of O2 producing vegetation?
You get the idea, CO2 minimally effects climate, in any case – by empirical observation. So what causes the “climate” to change, when it does? - a very constantly dynamically balanced earth environ (significantly including clouds), and external influences (the Sun's infrared radiation, galactic radiation/pressure, asteroidal collisions, etc..
Want to know more? Hey, so does everyone who knows that we hardly know anything about our earthly “climate changes” and that's why they read, experiment and write books such as “Climate Change: the facts”, Alan Moran, "A Disgrace to the Profession", Mark Steyn, “The Great Global Warming Blunder”, Dr. Roy Spencer, and an increasing number of other publications by truly inquisitive and honest climate researchers represented by Anthony Watts, whose blog: “” is the most interacted with “climate science” site on the internet.
We must not bankrupt the globe in a deadly Quixotic attempt to “healthfully” control the weather/climate that the earth has evolved over billions of years and has produced - us. We must adapt to our environment when we cannot change it to meet our needs – but we must first thoroughly understand it. - plm

Jun 16, 2015

Next time you're asked, "How much global warming is due to humans?", you can honestly say, "about 220%". That's right - 220%!

How so? Because on a 100 year time scale, the only major warmers are greenhouse gases, the main driving gas being CO2 (H2O is also major, but, being entirely passive, is not a driver).

Meanwhile, each year Earth manages to absorb 55% of the man-made CO2. So, the 45% that remains airborne is what's been raising atmospheric CO2 (by 2.1 parts per million by volume each year, or 43% since 1850). So, the man-made contribution to the main global warming driver is 220% or more than twice as much as what stays in our air.

This means that humans are entirely responsible for ALL the global warming in the modern era. and then some.

Remember this when some skeptic questions man's contribution to global warming.


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EuSei Sep 15, 2015

EuSei thinks this title is suitable for All Ages

mdsdad2cn1 Sep 15, 2015

mdsdad2cn1 thinks this title is suitable for 3 years and over


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