The real winner with this book is the writing. The dust jacket describes it as 'singing' and I'd have to say the description is pretty bang on. It's more of a chant to me but, much like the last book I read, it's very rhythmic. That's no matter which girl is speaking.

On one hand you have Amber. An inmate at a juvenile detention centre who sort of operates outside of the girls themselves. No one really talks to her but she is aware of everyone and everyone's actions. Amber doesn't say how long her sentence is but it's implied it's very long.

On the other hand we have Violet. Violet who is a star ballerina now and is headed to Julliard despite the events of three years ago that resulted in two deaths and the incarceration of her best friend.

No revelations come as a real surprise but the way that the story unfolds between the two narratives and the end results that finally lay plain the truth and justice is finally served are really worth the journey no matter how wandering it seems to be at points.

Black Swan meets Suspiria is probably my best way of describing this one. YA fans, definitely give this one a look.

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