The Edge of the World
The Edge of the World A Cultural History of the North Sea and the Transformation of Europe By Pye, Michael, 1946- Book - 2015

Disappointing. After a couple of chapters, I had to ask myself what was wrong. Why didn't I like this book more? The response: "I'm bored! I already know most of this stuff, and the writing doesn't make up for it."

P.S. An annoying feature of this author's writing is the use of the past progressive instead of the simple past, e.g., "The warehouses were storing goods, but also producing more goods than the town could use." (pp 44-5) To signify that an activity was, as here, usual, customary, typical or commonly true, use the simple past. Accordingly, the passage should run, "The warehouses stored goods, but also produced. . .." Use the past progressive when coordinating an action "in progress" with that of another verb, as in "The Franks attacked as the Frisians were sleeping."

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