I have been feeling so unmotivated to read, so I decided to pick up something light.
Confess was just what I needed. I understand there may be flaws, and I noticed them. However, I just fell in love with this story. I don't know if it's because of where I am in my life, but I just related so much to Auburn. Her feelings of longing to be understood and wanted/cherished just resonated so much with me, and Owen's reactions to her situation and her insecurities just warmed my heart.
I loved the art being included in the book, although I wish they would have been spread out and placed next to the page in which they were mentioned instead of grouped altogether in the middle.
I was definitely thrown by most all of the twists and turns, and the last third of the book had me on the edge of my seat.
OWEN!!!! OMG! I loved him! He is definitely my new bookish crush. The way he handled himself and his witty remarks totally won me over. He was just so understanding and... wonderful.
I would recommend this to fans of Hoover. Like her other works, Confess will satisfy your need for that perfect mix of fluff and depth.

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