H is for Hawk: Mabel, is well-drawn and very appealing as the central figure and for being herself -- a hawk. If she had been able to write, perhaps the book would've been much more succinct and appealing.
H is for Helen: The author seems both to get in the way and at times remove herself from the central drama, making it harder to relate to her. She is sympathetic for giving voice to the hawk's story, less so for overwrought musings about whether she has ruined her hawk and why her hawk doesn't want to relate to her, together with her almost clinical observation of the suffering of others.
H is for History: T.H. White should have been relegated to an appendix after a couple of paragraphs for context.
H is for Hesitant: I am hesitant to heartily recommend the book as an enjoyable read although it does have its merits.

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