I would rate Happily Ever After by Kiera Cass 5 stars. The book contains The Prince -Maxon’s Novella, The Guard -Aspen’s Novella, The Queen -Amberly’s Novella, and The Favourite -Marlee’s Novella. It also contains 3 scenes from Celeste’s POV, a scene from Lucy, a bonus epilogue, information on where The Elite are now, a map, and various illustrations. I really enjoyed this book! The book showed different characters story to their happily ever after. The book contained the scene where Marlee and Carter were punished through 2 different points of view, Marlee’s and Aspen’s. This scene was very well executed, it showed that although Marlee was in excruciating pain, she knew it was the right thing, because she loved Carter. It also showed exactly what Aspen was thinking, how although he should stop talking to America, he still found himself loving her even more, he was so proud of her. It showed that Aspen and America will always be soulmates, Aspen will always be a huge part of America’s life, they are like family. I found it very interesting how we got to see all of the different points of view, and I really enjoyed how the book was constantly changing to different stories. I recommend reading this book after completing The Selection series.
@Dolphin05 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Happily Ever After is a novel composed of stories that took place before, in between, and after The Selection series novels. There are short novels are about Queen Amberly and Prince Maxon during their selections, Aspen when he was a guard, and Marlee about her relationship with Carter Woodwork. The book also contains exclusive scenes about Celeste before and during the selection, and Lucy about her relationship with Aspen. A where are they now section about Kriss, Natalie and Elise about what they did after they lost the selection is also included. Lastly, there is an extra epilogue to the one about Maxon and America. All the extra stories help paint a better picture of the characters that we really did not know much about until America met them. Kiera Cass also gives insights on how she created and view the characters in her novels. The best part about the book is that we get to learn why all the characters acted as they did during the selection. If you fell in love with The Selection series I would definitely recommend reading this book. I would rate this novel five out of five stars.
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After completing Kiera Cass's bestselling, swoon worthy trilogy, I was eager to return to Illea another time. "Happily Ever After" is a book of novellas from several different characters that shows Maxon and Aspen's individual perspectives, Marlee's tale and Amberly's backstory, also including Celeste scenes and a particularly fascinating section that tells you what happened to the remaining elite. The extra facts deepens the story, answering a lot of questions and makes rereading a lot more enjoyable. This offers a sneak-peek into your favourite characters' lives, and will have you begging for more. Any Selection fan will enjoy this compelling, unputdownable glimpse into the story you love. 5/5 stars.
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This novel is a part of the Selection series. It includes the novellas- The Queen, The Guard, The Prince, The Maid, as well as bonus scenes from the Selection. I really enjoyed being able to read scenes from the book by different characters’ perspectives. They were really well written, the only problem with it, was that it wasn’t long enough… I wanted to keep reading. Fans of Kiera Cass and the Selection series will absolutely love this bonus book to the series.
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