Ms. Cass wrote a devastating look at a not-so-brave new world, one that found the United States drastically altered and laboring heavily under a falsely imposed caste system. This volume takes a look into the minds of various characters that played integral roles in America Singer’s rise to becoming princess and then queen of this fractured land.

We see Queen Amberley as she was when was part of a Selection and come to understand how a sweet, gentle girl could fall in love and stay with a boy already on his way to becoming a manipulative abuser. His bouts of rage and his dictatorial attitude are unsettling but Ms. Cass manages to gain the reader’s sympathy for a lonely boy who has to deal with hostile parents and the girl who wishes to be his quiet port in the stormy life of a future king.

It’s thrilling to read exactly what’s going on inside the heads of Maxon, Marlee, Aspen, Lucy and Celeste, et al. Readers wanted to know more about these people and Ms. Cass delivered. This anthology is a worthy entry to the Selection series. If you have the other five books, consider adding this one to your collection.

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