Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Season 1 DVD - 2016

Whiterose: Oh, 60 seconds and this meeting will be over.
Elliot: Wait.
Whiterose: The concept of waiting bewilders me. There are always deadlines. There are always ticking clocks. That's why you must manage your time.
Elliot: I'll find a way to remove the honeypot.
Whiterose: Until 16 seconds ago, you were not aware there was a honeypot. This does not inspire confidence.
Elliot: Wait.
Whiterose: There's that word again.
Elliot: We'll take care of it. You know you could have told us about the honeypot weeks ago.
Whiterose: Every hacker has her fixation. You hack people, I hack time. So you should know that when I set a time line, there's a reason.

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