The Renegades by Marissa Meyer is that cute, slightly cliché heroes vs. villains story that is perfect to read over a long weekend. I really enjoyed Meyer's Lunar Chronicles Series, and this start to the Renegades trilogy did not leave me disappointed. The story follows Nova Artino, who's spent her whole life hating the Renegades-an organization of self proclaimed heroes who intend to rid the world from evil. The renegades are the reason Nova has lost everything but for the organization to fall? Nova must find herself disguised as one of their own. The overall storyline of this book really intrigued me. I loved the world building, and the characters being diverse but not in the sense that it feels forced or unwarranted. Nova was a character I grew to root for and I loved the chemistry between her and Adrien. I can't help but recommend this as your newest young adult read and look forward to reading the sequel. 4.5 Stars-@Ruby_Tuesday of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board
Is the concept of ‘good and evil’ really as black and white as it seems? Or, is there a grey area in between that can’t quite be classified as either? This concept and more are delved into on such a deep level in this masterpiece by well known author Marissa Meyer.
We’re presented with two equally loveable protagonists on opposite sides of the spectrum, who fight against prejudice and the things they were brought up to believe. The plot is lush and full of action, and the characters are diverse, relevant and relatable. And, the majority of them have superpowers, so that just takes everything to a whole other level.
Highly recommended to all the science-fiction, fantasy and action lovers out there, this first instalment of a new, fast-paced trilogy is guaranteed to keep your mind occupied long after the last page is turned.
It is an instant favorite of mine, and undoubtedly many other readers’ as well.
Rated 5 stars
@storygirl of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

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