I think this is a very tropey superhero book. There is a lot of discussion about wrong and right, ethics and morals. This book delivers exactly what you would expect. I like this book but I'm not sure it delivers that extra ooomph. Maybe it is a bit because a genre book.

There was also the fact that one of the main characters shares the same name as my father which is distracting.

I liked the inclusivity but I felt there could've been more, especially when it comes to superpowers. There are just so many ways to be inclusive. I think the book does an excellent job with Oscar in that his power isn't connected to his disability and his disability doesn't hold him back from being a hero. It's just how he is.

There are some interesting subtler powers in the book as well as the usual showy ones like flying, invisibility and invincibility. I would personally love the Librarians ability to remember everything he's read. It's a book-dragons wet dream! I also do not have enough artistic talent for Adrian's ability and would like to sleep more not less so no thanks to Nova's ability.

There is a lot of moral and ethical debate in this book about what is right and wrong but the book manages to display the many grey areas and how the wrong thing can be done for the right reasons and vice versa. The book starts out slow on this but build on it throughout the series. Despite the excellent debate throughout the book it still feels at a younger level though I'm not quite sure what would make this 'adult'.

This is a fun book with some food for thought if you're feeling hungry!

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