Fire and Fury
Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House By Wolff, Michael, 1953- Book - 2018

I noticed that the library ordered 160+ copies of this book. I looked at all the other books about Trump and the most on hand for any one publication was 10 copies at most. I would have loved to know what was actually going on behind the scenes in Washington, but I don't think I can get that info from this book. I read the first chapter about the election night and couldn't believe the propaganda about Trump not really wanting to win. How can someone who travels all over the US giving in-person rallies, not really want to win? He had an actual platform he was running on also. If anything, Hillary probably didn't want to win as evidenced from the lack of a platform other than calling Americans deplorable, racist, misogynist, bigot, etc.. And as far as campaigning, it seemed she didn't go out for her rallies very much due to her health. Just using common sense, the book propagates lies from the very start. I tried reading the second chapter just to see if there was any substance to glean from the book, but it sounded like the nonsensical mainstream news that always bored me due to it's dry disconnectedness from reality. After reading the rest of the comments, I decided to go ahead and return the book rather than struggle to finish it.

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