1917 Blu-ray Disc - 2020

RE: Excellent Movie About WWI--I liked this movie so much that I watched it about four times. This movie is about two soldiers --Schofield and Blake. They are soldier messengers from the British 8th division. These two soldiers need to relay a message to the British forces on the front line not to attack the Germans. In 1917, the British did not have the internet or the cell phone yet. So, Schofield and Blake have to physically walk and relay the written message orders into the treacherous war zone along the front line.*******************************
There were two parts of the movie that I liked tremendous. First, Schofield meets a French woman and a new born baby girl. In this scene, Schofield recites some poetry about the Jumblies. He also gives food and milk for the baby. The second scene that I like deals with a soldier that sings a song called I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger. I will go ahead and post that song in this forum in the next box below these comments.******************************
I felt my time was well spent watching this movie for several reasons. I learned about trench warfare during WWI. I discovered new poetry and music as well. This movie reminded me of the movie called Saving Private Ryan.

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