"The List" is one story in the book,
Use to introduce classroom schedule. Frog has a list of things to do. He crosses things off as he completes them.

Can also use to explain classroom jobs and to vote on different jobs (gong sounder, teacher helper, matt picker upper, matt layer, line leader, caboose, schedule helper, etc.) Use names on circle matts to vote with voting strip. Count votes, compare bigger/smaller.
Differentiate between youngers/olders by simplifying the youngers into the schedule only for a shorter lesson, perhaps using upon return from Veteran's Day holiday or as a lower demands lesson (no table work). Risers will be able to participate in decision making around classroom responsibilities and understand concepts of voting/majority wins.
Older children understand humor (Frog loses his list and can't do anything, he writes 'wake up' and 'have breakfast' on his list)
youngers appreciate the story but may not understand nuance. Also, talk about flexibility- if something happens that isn't on our list, we may have to adapt to a change in our environment- example: the car breaks, moms/dads didn't have that on their list, but they have to change their plan and fix the problem). Practice turning over parts of classroom schedule to indicate that activity is finished.
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