Coda Volume One By Spurrier, Simon Book - 2019

Imagine all the high fantasy worlds you love. Now imagine the dark forces won, faded away, and years later civilization has finally started to build itself off the scraps of the old. That is Coda. The source of magic is sparse, the creatures aren't quite what you expect, and heroes are either ridiculous, or they are like the protagonist, self-serving. Not that his motive is not understandable, he is trying to help his much more selfless wife. The colourful palettes have almost a psychedelic sci-fi appeal to them, really digging in to how off-kilter this world is. The clean linework is just full of details too that give the world a lived-in, run down feel. All the characters have a lot of personality, and each shines through their dialogue and interactions. This atmospheric post-apocalyptic Fantasy series is definitely one to check out.

forbesrachel's rating:
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