One Fox
One Fox A Counting Book Thriller By Read, Kate, 1978- Book - 2019

Read has come up with a brilliantly simple concept, apply tension to a counting book. It starts with 1 famished fox and some chickens, and ends in a deliciously thrilling twist. Each page builds on the tension with very minimal text or images. With each new piece of information our imaginations run ahead, thinking "please no" by halfway through. The beautifully textured paper cut illustrations are laid out in ways that only deepen this growing unease. Of course, being a picture book, we know that things will take a turn, and for those who have played Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the ending will be nostalgic as well as amusing. From 1 to 10, each number is boldly displayed in numerical form, as well as being written out. While many counting books rely on rote learning to teach children, this title will make it stick through emotional context. If this is what Read can accomplish for 1 to 10, imagine what new thrills they could come up with for 10 to 1.

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