Jun 14, 2021SAPL_Teens rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Kayla never wanted to go to a summer camp that lasted ALL summer, but that all changed, when she met Lainie on the first day of camp. Kayla and Lainie become inseparable, and nobody mentioned one of them without mentioning the other. One week after settling into summer camp routines, Lainie saw Jackson in the sign up line for extra activities and she became infatuated with him. Instead of signing up for the options that Lainie and Kayla had agreed on together, Lainie signed up for what Jackson picked and they soon became a couple. Kayla wasn’t happy that Lainie didn’t spend much time with her anymore. Jackson and Lainie don’t have the greatest of relationships and keep breaking up and getting together again. The shocking part of this book is that the day before camp ends, a body was found in the lake. The author really keeps the mystery going throughout the book making you want to read more! The author uses an oxymoron using the setting of a safe summer camp and murder mystery to keep you interested. The book is 216 pages long, and took me about a day to read. The style is narrative writing. I loved this book! The author kept me second guessing what was happening in the book. I would think one thing, then something in the book would happen and I would think, ”Wow I never saw that coming!” You might want to consider that there are a few swears. - Cierra, 12, SAPL Read It & Review Contributor